Schneverdingen: One-World Church


    One-World Church

    Schneverdingen One-World Church was constructed entirely out of wood in the Brettstapel technique as part of the World EXPO 2000 exhibition. The wood for this came from the thinning needed in local forests. It is home to the Lutheran community of Mark in East Schneverdingen.  

    The showpiece within is the One-Earth altar. In it there are around 7,000 soil samples from all over the world. In transparent plexiglass books they show the variety of soil with its various shades and consistencies. Soils from their own community are supposed to join with the soils from all parts of the world and fill the altar. Guests too are warmly welcomed to bring soil with them that means something to them for the One-Earth altar.

    Map: Schneverdingen: One-World Church
    Ernst-Dax-Straße 8
    29640 Schneverdingen

    Kirchengemeinde (Parish) 05193 / 4130
    Kirchengemeinde (Parish) 05193 / 4057
    opening hours
    Easter till October
    Monday-Saturday 10.00-12.00
    Monday-Sunday 15.00-18.00
    Church services Every Sunday at 11.00