Wietze: Stechinelli Chapel



    In the picturesque town of Wieckenberg, just 2 km from Wietze, lies a fairy-tale chapel. Built in 1692, it looks like a farmhouse from the outside. On the inside, however, it features stunning Baroque architecture that is well preserved to this day.


    History of the Stechinelli Chapel


    The fate of the builder - Francesco Maria Capellini (1640 -1694), known as Stechinelli (pronounced Steckinelli) is just as fabulous as the chapel’s interior


    At the age of fifteen, he came to the court of Duke Georg Wilhelm von Celle and rose to the rank of Hereditary Postmaster General of the Guelph Principalities with the Imperial Free State. He acquired legendary wealth and several manors, including the manor in Wieckenberg, through a lively trade in wine and cloth and real estate transactions. Here you can see a Baroque style pleasure garden, of which a Baroque fountain has remained, as well as the courtyard gate and the chapel he had built according to his designs in 1692, but whose completion in 1699 he did not live to see.


    According to legend, his wife, who had the building completed, is said to have immortalised their 13 children in the ceiling paintings...


    Would you like to visit the Stechinelli Chapel?


    The chapel is open to visitors on request at the times indicated. Please refer to the notice board at the chapel to see who you can contact spontaneously to arrange a viewing. At the weekend (except in the time from 1 to 3 p.m.) you should try to contact the verger by calling 05146-2516.


    Services usually take place every second Sunday of the month and on secondary church holidays (Easter Monday, Whit Monday...).


    For further information and requests for guided tours, please contact the church office directly by calling 05146-8443.


    By the way:


    If you follow the sign of the scallops mussel in Suedheide, you will also reach the Stechinelli chapel in Wieckenberg. Hikers on the Way of St. James Pilgrimage   can stamp their pilgrim pass here.


    "On the trail of the Postmaster "   s the name of the route of a new themed cycle path through the upper Oertze valley, at the southernmost end of which is the Stechinelli Chapel. Signposted with a post horn, cyclists can embark on a fascinating search for traces of cultural history.

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