Magical – mystical – dynamic

    These are the keywords that best describe the joint community of Lachendorf in the Suedheide region of the district of Celle.


    The route “Magical Places” revives old legends and offers destinations for visitors and locals alike -   it might even get a little mystical.


    Our joint community, and especially the central resort of Lachendorf, has developed dynamically. Boasting over 5,000 inhabitants, it has become a modern service center offering leisure, sports and shopping options, and not just for holiday makers. About 13,000 people in 17 villages feel at home here and in the municipalities of Ahnsbeck, Beedenbostel, Eldingen, Hohne and Lachendorf.


    The touristic routes known as the “Lower Saxony Asparagus Route” and the “Lower Saxony Mill Route” pass through our area of around 175 km².


    Landscape protection areas, 4 huge nature reserve parks and FFH sites are representative of the closeness to nature. The Lutter programme for the protection of the freshwater pearl mussel is unique and of European significance.

    Cycling tours, hiking, horse riding, canoeing and many other leisure activities are available. Members of around 150 different associations and groups enjoy a varied community life and also like to welcome visitors.  

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