Welcome to Eschede!

    Twenty villages, small and romantic with a touch of Scandinavian atmosphere – each one special in its own way – form the municipality Eschede.


    Its largest part belongs to the Nature Park Suedheide, famous for its rich flora and fauna, with numerous hiking, cycling and horse riding tracks.

    The area around Eschede is one of the least populated regions in Germany (only 31 inhabitants per square kilometre spread over a total area of 196 square kilometres).


    Small hotels and romantic guesthouses, holiday homes and apartments characterise the tourist industry in Eschede. A mixture of extensive forests, humid lowlands, unspoiled moors, small brooks and streams and vegetated heathlands awaits the visitor.



    Those who have experienced heather and junipers, unspoiled streams and idyllic fishponds in their quiet beauty will always come back again to escape the hectic day-to-day life and immerse themselves in the wonders of nature.

    We look forward to your visit in Eschede!

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