Bad Bodenteich: Four-hundred-Water-Barefoot-Path

Bad Bodenteich

    Health and history at Bodenteich Castle

    Health and history - gather new strength with head, heart and hand - 


    A very special regeneration area for young and old, for children, families and seniors has been created in recent years in the area surrounding the old historic centre of the small but beautiful spa town of Bad Bodenteich in Lueneburg Heath. It is more than just an entertaining method of outdoor education as it features numerous activities to cater for different tastes.


    "Young and old"  can experience the hardships of the “shoeless” who travelled barefoot in the Middle Ages. The 400-Water-Barefoot-Path starts at the castle’s shoe tree depot (for those who dare). Learn interesting facts about health in the Occident at nine different stations along the path. There are illustrative explanations of the first attempts to mend broken bones as well as of medieval medicine and early aspects of natural healing methods. 

    You can also learn a lot about the healing powers of herbs on an herbal trail walk or follow in the footsteps of Pastor Kneipp. 


    Tip:  We recommend those with a sensitive nature to bring a towel with them to dry their feet at the handle pump in Seewiesen.

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