Way of St. James: Suedheide nature park route - Eschede to Wienhausen

    Kilometres in this stage: approx. 21 km


    The stage from Eschede to Wienhausen runs through a diversified field and forest landscape. The path sections on the Aschau near Eschede and the Lachte near Lachendorf offer a refreshing coolness even on warm, dry days.


    Cloister Wienhausen   is another highlight of the Way of St. James through Lueneburg Heath: the founding of the monastery dates back to the year 1230, when Agnes von Landsberg, the daughter-in-law of Henry the Lion, built a Cistercian monastery there. Visits are only possible with a guide and are highly recommended. The exhibition of embroidered Gothic tapestries from the 14th and 15th centuries has made the monastery world famous. The "Holy Sepulcher" and the fully painted nun's choir count among the most significant art treasures of northern Germany. Attending evensong mass in the nuns’ choir is a special highlight.


    Stamping point:

    You can obtain a stamp for your pilgrim’s pass from Cloister Wienhausen or from the Tourist Informatio n Office at Kulturhaus Wienhausen.


    Pilgrim hostel in Wienhausen:

    - Gisela Meinecke guest rooms


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