Witches House, Wesel


    The origin of the "Witches House" in Wesel dates back to 1731. First, it served one of the larger local farms as a bakery and smokery. For fire protection reasons, such structures were built on the outskirts in the 18th century. The present form of the building came about through later use for residential purposes. Reclassifications into a "Häusling" or "Abbau" house were widespread during the phase of population growth in the 19th century.


    The witches house is a more expressive relection of local economic and housing conditions of the past three centuries. It is managed by the Landesdenkmalbehörde as a protected architectural monument. 

    The Association founded in 2007 has statutory responsibility for the repair, preservation, custodial care and cultural use of the Witch House. In 2012, the Witches House was dedicated as a registry office of the municipality of Hanstedt.


    Contact for civil marriages is the municipality of Hanstedt.

    Tel. 04184-8030 E-Mail: standesamt@hanstedt.de

    Zum Höllenhoff 1
    21274 Undeloh

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