Way of St. James (Jacobusweg): a pilgrimage through Lueneburg Heath

    Discover walking as a way to disconnect from everyday life - off the public road through forest, field and heath, finding back to yourself and peace in nature. Focusing your thoughts while looking outwards...


    A pilgrimage is a special way of hiking. It is praying with your feet, discovering deceleration and experiencing a different kind of purpose. The Way of St. James through Lueneburg Heath reveals ways to enjoy the tranquility of nature on a pilgrimage and to find your way back to yourself.


    In 2000, more than 50 pilgrimage signs were discovered in Lueneburg Heath. They became the foundations for the development of the Way of St. James in Lueneburg Heath.


    The Way of St. James is comparable to its counterpart in Spain in that the marked trails in Lueneburg Heath lead you to places where you can find peace and tranquillity such as the monasteries Walsrode, Wienhausen, Lune and Mariensee. Numerous smaller, historic stone churches invite you to engage in contemplation on your pilgrimage.


    The Way of St. James on Lueneburg Heath is about 390 kilometres long. It starts at the pilgrim church St. Jacobi in Hamburg. From here, the pilgrimage route leads through Seevetal and Lueneburg Heath nature park to the heathlands of Hanstedt, Undeloh, Wilsede, Niederhaverbeck, Schneverdingen and Soltau. In Soltau, the Way of St. James through Lueneburg Heath splits into two routes.

    One leads past Cloister Walsrode and through the Aller-Leine valley to Cloister Mariensee. The second path leads you through the 480 km² nature park Suedheide and the mission location at Hermannsburg. The path continues via Eschede to the former Cistercian monastery Wienhausen and the royal city of Celle with the Duke’s Castle, then on through the Aller valley to Cloister Mariensee. The two paths converge again in Mandelsloh, about 10 km before reaching Cloister Mariensee.


    Total kilometers:  approx. 433 km with both routes


    Route: St. Jacobi Church Hamburg – Sinstorf in Hamburg Harburg – Ramelsloh – Undeloh – Niederhaverbeck – Schneverdingen – Soltau



    The Way of St. James through Lueneburg Heath splits at Soltau and converges again in Mandelsloh.  One route continues via Walsrode and its cloister through the Aller-Leine valley.  The other alternative route leads through the heart of Suedheide nature park, past Cloister Wienhausen and the royal town of Celle with Castle Welfenschloss.  The paths meet again in Mandelsloh.


    Route through Walsrode and Aller-Leine Valley - 4 day-stages:

    Soltau - Bad Fallingbostel - Krelingen - Schwarmstedt - Mandelsloh


    Route through the Südheide Nature Park - 10 day-stages:

    Soltau - Wietzendorf - Bergen - Hermannsburg - Eschede - Wienhausen - Celle - Winsen (Aller) - Wietze - Lindwedel - Mandelsloh


    Signposting: The Way of St. James is signposted throughout by a yellow shell on a blue background. The tip of the shell indicates the direction.


    Accessibility: Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter – the Way of St. James can be walked all year round and features only minor changes in altitude.



    Not every stage offers refreshment opportunities. We therefore ask you to always equip your backpack with sufficient packed lunches and water bottles!


    Train connections:

    Hamburg: ICE, IC and regional train connections.

    Schneverdingen, Soltau, Dorfmark, Bad Fallingbostel, Walsrode, Hodenhagen, Schwarmstedt, Lindwedel: connection to the ERIXX RB38 train service (Hannover-Soltau)  Buchholz i.d. Nordheide)

    Soltau: connection to the ERIXX RB37 train service (Uelzen-Soltau-Bremen)

    Celle, Eschede: connection to the Metronom Line (Hannover-Uelzen-Hamburg

    Celle:  IC connections available



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