Camp Reinsehlen unimproved grassland


    The largest prairie in Northern Germany  

    The largest unimproved grassland on sand in Northern Germany is located at Camp Reinsehlen in Schneverdingen.


    Sandy, unimproved grassland doesn't sound very exciting, but on closer inspection you will discover vegetation that includes rare plants and endangered animal species.


    Dry sandy grassland used to be widespread in the heathlands. Nowadays, these grasslands are habitats at risk and are therefore protected by law.


    The soil is particularly low in nutrients. Rare plants such as the Maiden Pink, Small Cudweed, and Grey Hair-grass have adapted to the nutrient-poor soil and find their habitat here. Even Thyme can be found. All the plants are optimally adapted to the strong temperature fluctuations caused by the openness of the landscape.


    But not only plants occupy this habitat - the bare landscape is ideal for ground-nesting birds. For this reason, leaving the designated paths is prohibited during the breeding season from April to the end of June.


    Looking to the past:

    The name Camp Reinsehlen reflects a military past. Until the 1990s, the British used the site as a training ground for tank units. When the military stopped using the area, the site was considered for development, but this was prevented. Today, Camp Reinsehlen is a valuable nature area.


    With some luck, you might encounter a shepherd with his Heidschnucken sheep as you walk across through the largest unimproved, sandy grassland in Northern Germany.


    How to get there:

    Location: Reinsehlen 1, 29640 Schneverdingen OT Reinsehlen

    Car park available.

    Coordinates: N53.147041 E9.817826

    Reinsehlen 1
    29640 Schneverdingen

    opening hours