Schneverdingen - Holiday in Lüneburg Heath

    Schneverdingen (known as Snevern in the local dialect) in the Heide District is one of the best-known holiday resorts in the Lüneburg Heath. Its location in the triangle between the cities of Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover, its surrounding extensive heathlands, quiet moors and forests, and the good infrastructure makes Schneverdingen an ideal holiday location.

    Heather and juniper bushes, herds of Heidschnucke sheep, beehives, fascinating raised bogs, cosy tranquillity, cheerful hustle and bustle, customs, art and culture – all these make the heather town of Schneverdingen and its ten heather villages an experience of the real Lüneburg Heath. You will love it,whether you visit in summer or winter.

    You can enjoy the unspoilt countryside around Schneverdingen through long walks and bike tours, during a horse ride or a carriage ride. Celebrate with us when the new Heather Queen is crowned during the summer Heideblütenfest (Heather Blossom Festival). Let yourself be inspired by the tranquil landscape - as many artists over the past hundred years have been.

    Heather in bloom all year round!

    More than 150,000 heather plants of around 180 different varieties are showcased in the  Heidegarten  ( Heather Garden) in  Höpen conservation area. No matter at what time of the year you visit, you are sure to find at least one variety in flower. Every year, on the last August weekend, the Heather Queen is crowned in the open-air theatre at Höpen.

    Unspoilt nature!

    The scenic highlights of Schneverdingen are Osterheide - with the picturesque Lake Sylvester and the famous Pietzmoor . Located right next to the car-free Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve, Osterheide   is criss-crossed with hiking trails and cycle paths. Pietzmoor , which is more than 8,000 years old, can be found opposite Osterheide. The raised bog with its fascinating fauna and flora is a magnet for nature lovers: the enchanting fog-draped moorland is a very popular photo subject, particularly in spring and autumn.

    The Heideblütenfest and the coronation of the Heather Queen

    The cultural highlight in Schneverdingen is without doubt the annual selection of the Heidekönigin (Heather Queen). During the Heideblütenfest in August, a varied programme of events takes place over four days, providing something for everyone. The Heidekönigin is crowned on the outdoor stage at Höpen during the last weekend in August.

    Accommodation in Schneverdingen

    Enjoy the hospitality of your hosts  in Schneverdingen. Whether you prefer a hotel, guest house, holiday cottage, holiday apartment, farm or camp site, there is a suitable accommodation for every taste. With two Naturotels , Schneverdingen is leading the way in close-to-nature overnight stays ( Camp Reinsehlen , Hotel Schäferhof )


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