Bispingen: Behringen Heath


    What forms Behringen Heide today used to be a small part of a training area that the German government provided to English troops after the Second World War as part of the Soltau-Lüneburg Agreement. It wasn’t until 1994, when the global political situation had changed, that this training area was abolished and was returned to the Nature Reserve Association.


    Thanks to the help of significant machinery, the heathland was able to be restored to its natural state. Today, Behringen Heath is a single, tidy heathland. Thanks to the work of the Behringen tourist office (Behringer Verkehrsverein), together with the Nature Reserve Association and a large number of volunteers, numerous heathland clearing initiatives were carried out, which prevented the area from being overgrown by pine and birch trees. Behringen


    Behringen Heath starts at the back of the car park on Haverbecker Strasse, roughly 500 m outside the town of Behringen . This well-kept part of the heath is not only perfect for a short heathland stroll, but also as a starting point for a longer hike or bike ride through the most beautiful areas of Lüneburg Heath.


    Hiking distances

    - footpath to the panoramic viewpoint Bank zur schönen Aussicht 250 m

    - short round circuit 1.4 km

    - footpath to the sheep farm (Bockelmann’s Schafstall) 1.2 km

    - round circuit Behringen Heath–sheep farm and back 3 km

    - footpath to Wulfsberg 3.8 km

    - footpath to Tütsberg 4.8 km

    - footpath to Oberhaverbeck 4.5 km

    - footpath to Niederhaverbeck 5.6 km


    Lüneburg Heath’s new accredited footpath, the 223 kilometre-long Heidschnuckenweg trail , takes hikers straight across Behringen Heath and through the town of Behringen.


    Haverbecker Straße
    29646 Bispingen

    Verkehrsvereins-Vorsitzende Renate Sack 05194/7783
    Verkehrsverein Behringen 05194/7783