Schneverdingen: Osterheide Nature Reserve


    Osterheide Nature Reserve is situated to the east of Schneverdingen and, with its extensive heathland areas, borders on the Nature Reserve with Wilseder Berg. You can walk to Wilsede on the " Spitzbubenweg ", an ancient salt-smugglers’ route.


    Osterheide is one of the largest areas of heathland and, in the adjoining Pietzmoor, has a further attraction on offer. Its proximity to the town of Schneverdingen is also ideal for access to the facilities.


    The landscape is gentle and only the rustling of the leaves of the numerous birch trees can be heard.


    Osterheide was created from a former military training area. In 1994 its use as a training area came to an end and the Verein Naturschutzpark e.V. association took on the re-cultivation of the terrain that had been destroyed. After a lot of time and effort, an extensive heath landscape was created with scattered bogs, copses and nutrient-poor grasslands. At the same time, the network of trails for walkers and cyclists was expanded.


    Today there is nothing left of the military training area and one can hardly believe its history given the impressive nature of Osterheide.


    The picturesque Silvester Lake, which is named after a British officer, was created through   compaction of the subsurface when heavy military machinery trundled through the area. Today it fits harmoniously into Osterheide and, despite only being fed by rainwater, never dries out.


    You can have wonderful walks and cycle rides through Osterheide or be driven with one of the numerous carriages waiting at the car parks.


    Getting there:

    Via the B3 to "Silverstersee" car park,
    SatNav address:   Alte Landesstrasse, Schneverdingen
    The car park is on the right side, about 200 m after you have turned onto Alte Landessstrasse towards Schneverdingen.

    Via Heberer Strasse to "Osterheide" car park

    SatNav address: Osterheide, Schneverdingen

    On the opposite side of the car park is Hotel Schäferhof.

    Hebererstrasse 100
    29640 Schneverdingen

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