Wilsede: Dat ole Hus Heathland Museum


    Dat ole Hus (That Old House) Heathland Museum was built by Bernhard Dageförde, a teacher, and opened in 1907. The museum illustrates how the heath farmers lived and worked in the mid-19th century. Part of the heathland museum is a sheep pen on the Emhoff that houses alternating exhibits.

    The museum aims to interest visitors, particularly children and young people, in the life and work of the heath farmers: young visitors have free entry to the heathland museum, something that an increasing number of school classes take advantage of.

    A stop-off in Wilsede and Dat ole Hus  heathland museum  is recommended to all visitors of the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve - it is well worth it!



    The heathland village of Wilsede is located within the car-free Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve and cannot be reached by car.


    Parking: You can leave your car in the visitor car parks in Niederhaverbeck or Undeloh. From the car parks you can walk or cycle to Wilsede - or take a horse-drawn carriage!

    29646 Bispingen

    Information 04175 / 802933
    Information 05198 / 987030
    opening hours
    May till October, daily 10:00 till 16:00 (subject to change)
    Per person €3
    Children Free