Mueden (Oertze): Oberohe heath in a former diatomite mining area


    A large heath area can be found between Mueden (Oertze) and Unterluess, in the center of Suedheide Nature Park in the former diatomite extraction area with its many different types of scenery.


    The heathland here is vast and offers a beautiful sight with its beautiful birch trees and a small juniper wood as well as the sandy trails and paths so typical of the heath.


    The “white gold of the Heath"


    There is another very special feature of this area: this is where diatomite, the “white gold of the heath”, was mined.


    Nature has already reconquered numerous mines. Some have turned into natural ponds, others are covered with forest. The result is interesting alternations of stretches of water with adjacent wetlands and dry, sandy areas. The latter are characterized by vast heathlands and mat grass, alternating with sparse birch forests and pine trees.


    A circular walk, the educational trail  "Diatomite Teaching Trail " has its starting point at the car park in Oberohe, too. Its display boards and various objects that provide vivid information about the history of diatomite mining in the Southern Heath.


    Encounters with “Heidschnucken” (moorland sheep)

    The heathlands are used as pastures for a herd of moorland sheep from Niederohe. During the summer season you can experience the herd being driven home every Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. on the beautiful moorland sheep farm Niederohe.

    You can find information about the sheep collection and visitors' tours in the Oberohe Heath below this article under “This may interest you”. In addition, we have listed more moorland sheep driving times and guided tours in Suedheide in a summary.


    The hiker car park in Oberohe can easily be reached by car. Picnic benches on the grass invite you to take a break. Toilets are provided during the summer months. You can find all hiking and cycling routes through this area below in the section “This might interest you”. The quality hiking trail Heidschnuckenweg (the moorland sheep trail) also passes through this area. It was voted Germany's most beautiful hiking trail in 2014.


    How to get to the car park „Oberohe“


    The car park “Oberohe” can be reached on the L280 Mueden (Oertze) towards Unterluess. Turn right after about 8.5 km in Oberohe towards Oberohe car park. The car park is signposted on the L280.

    Coordinates: N 52° 52.12161‘, E 010° 13.54780

    29328 Faßberg

    Tourist Information Müden (Örtze) 05053 989220
    Tourist Information Müden (Örtze) 05053-989223