Bergen: megalithic tomb near Siddernhausen


    The megalithic tomb near Siddernhausen lies on a hill between the villages Dohnsen and Siddernhausen.


    It is a megalithic array from the Neolithic period.


    Originally located 500 meters to the north, it was excavated in 1977 and relocated to its present location. The demolition probably took place in the 17th or 18th century when stones considered a nuisance were removed from the fields.


    Archaeological excavations found that the burial chamber originally consisted of 20-24 supporting stones and about 8 ceiling stones. It had a lateral access, so that the grave is referred to as a "passage grave".


    The megalithic tomb is a pleasant bike ride away from Bergen, Mueden or Hermannsburg.

    Dohnsen 16 29303 Bergen