Hermannsburg: The heath at Angelbecksteich


    Small, but beautiful - and naturally varied, that best describes the heathland at Angelbecksteich near Oldendorf near Hermannsburg.


    Historic background


    For many decades the area has had an eventful history: while it may have been one of the areas where the heathland reached as far as the horizon at the end of the 18th century, it was gradually reforested during the 19th century and once belonged to the vast forest areas of the Suedheide.


    The forest fire


    Large pine forests on dry, sandy sites are at risk in times of long-term drought and so the forests fell victim to the flames here in the great forest fire disaster of 1975 in the southern heathland. The forest here also burned down completely. In total, 7,000 hectares of forest in the south heath were destroyed by the flames. A memorial stone on a small hill in today's heathland commemorates the event.


    After the devastating forest fires, the heathlands returned and were further developed as heath landscape. In addition, a pond known as Angelbecksteich was created to serve as a fire extinguishing pond. Today, this small area of heathland is a popular destination.

    Hiking experience for everyone


    A barrier-free circular hiking route with a length of 1.4 km also offers people with walking or visual disabilities an amazing heather experience. Small information boards tell hikers about the landscape and the nature in the heath. Even in the colder months, it is worth taking a leisurely winter walk around the frozen lake as it reflects the sun's glittering rays.


    Benches, various picnic areas and "forest sofas" make for a pleasant stay in a special atmosphere, right next to the idyllic pond with views of the heath.


    Hiking and biking trails


    The parking lot next to the heath is also the starting point for one of the popular hiking areas of Suedheide Nature Park: : "On the trail of the great forest fire"   consists of a short, a medium and a long trail that run through the heath and the surrounding countryside. There are also biking tours that lead past the pond and through the beautiful heathland. The course of the trails and other information can be found under "This may interest you" further below. By the way, the Heidschnuckenweg, or moorland sheep trail, that was voted Germany's most beautiful hiking trail by readers of the German hiker’s journal “Wandermagazin” in 2014 also runs through this part of the heath.




    You can reach the heath at Angelbecksteich on the L 281 from Oldendorf at Hermannsburg travelling in the direction of Eschede. Approximately 3 km after you leave Oldendorf, turn right towards Zur Alten Fuhrmanns-Schänke (Dehningshof) and Hof Severloh. You will find the car park on the left about 100 meters after the junction. The car park is signposted on the L 281.

    Coordinates: N 52 ° 47.31040 ', E 010 ° 07.55486'

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