Soderstorf: Schwindebecker Heath


    Schwindebecker Heath

    The heath near the village of Schwindebeck only spreads a few hundred metres between the adjacent forests, but its sandy trails cover many kilometres in length. The paths lead to Feldherrenhügel (‘‘commander’s hill’’), from where there is a great view over the long Schwindebecker Heath and the surrounding countryside.

    The name of the elevated area reflects its earlier use as a military training area, when British tanks transformed the area into a sandy moonscape. Since 1990, Schwindebecker Heath has been a successful example for the  restoration of heathlands .


    A designated hiking route called the Heath Panorama Path leads across Schwindebecker Heath. The yellow directional arrows on a blue background also lead to Schwindequelle, a true natural wonder.



    This beautiful village is located between Soderstorf and Bispingen, 8 minutes drive from Amelinghausen. Both at Schwindequelle and county road 44, car parks form an ideal starting point for a walk across Schwindebecker Heath.

    For nature lovers with camper vans, we recommend the parking area right on Schwindebecker Heath.


    Getting there :

    Drive to 21388 Soderstorf and then follow the signs to Schwindebecker Heide.

    21388 Soderstorf

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