Melzingen: Arboretum Melzingen


    The Arboretum

    The arboretum in Melzingen is 17,000 square metres in size, features more than 800 plant species from around the world and is the municipality’s most popular excursion destination. Christa von Winning added the garden to her charitable foundation in the year 2000 to ensure its long-term maintenance. It has grown into a garden of plenty. The garden is being slowly rearranged to reflect the relatedness of plants to one another in the interest of an improved overview and better comparisons.

    Visitors can discover how closely certain species from East Asia and North America are related to species that also existed in Europe before the Ice Age. The focal point, however, is the history of the garden and its chapters: kitchen garden, remembrance garden and collection garden.


    The Garden Café

    The garden café serves home-made cakes to contribute towards the overall sense of well-being. You can explore the garden on your own or with friends. It is an ideal destination for group excursions and a special venue for family celebrations.



    The “Verhorn” water mill from the year 1344, prehistoric artefacts such as the sacrificial stone in Melzingen, concealed stone cists and 80 burial mounds from the Bronze Age and Stone Age are waiting to be discovered.

    Whether you opt for a holiday on a farm, a comfortable holiday apartment or a cosy guest house - our hosts are looking forward to your visit.

    Wittenwater Weg 44
    29593 Melzingen

    Verkehrsbüro Ebstorf 05822 - 2996
    Verkehrsbüro Ebstorf 05822 - 946575
    opening hours
    march 1st - november 1st, Wed. - Sun. 2 pm - 6 pm
    garden café december - march, Sat. & Sun. 2 pm - 6 pm
    adults 3,00 €
    Childreen till 14 years old free