Hösseringen: Lake Hardausee


    Lake Hardausee

    is Germany’s most northerly and probably smallest barrage dam. One would normally expect to find dams in mountainous regions. Lake Hardausee, however, has a barrage exceeding 5 metres in height and is therefore a barrage dam from a technical viewpoint.

    The valley originates from the Ice Age that defined the landscape around Hoesseringen. The term used in this regard is ‘terminal moraine’ and explains why Hoesseringen is surrounded by hills.


    The lake is fed by the heath stream Hardau and has a surface area of around 8 hectares. Its white sand beach is ideal for sunbathing. It also has a designated dog beach. As the lake is a bathing lake, its water is routinely tested for compliance with EU directives. Outside of the bathing season it is a popular destination for hikers who walk around its placid waters and and enjoy the idyllic scenery. Lake Hardausee is also a habitat for protected species. With a little luck, one can observe kingfishers and cormorants hunting for food.


    Young visitors love to play in the playground directly next to the beach while their parents relax and enjoy the lake views or a cup of coffee and a piece of cake at the kiosk.


    Lake Hardausee is a part of the Hardau water experience trail that stretches over 52 km and connects popular excursion destinations such as Hoesseringen museum village, the observation tower, Holdenstedt castle and the Hundertwasser station in Uelzen. It is also possible to discover smaller sections of the water experience trail. More information is available in the “Hiking” section.

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