Bad Bevensen: Klein Buenstorf Heath

Bad Bevensen

    Klein Buenstorf Heath, a small heath area surrounded by pine forests, lies to the south of Bad Bevensen.


    The heath is framed by the Elbe side channel and the River Ilmenau.


    Klein Buenstorf Heath reveals itself to the hiker just a short walk from the car park. With a little luck the view may include a horse-drawn carriage or a herd of moorland sheep. Walk across the heath and watch the bees as they collect pollen from the heather.


    Klein Buenstorf Heath lies in a very protected location and therefore blooms slightly earlier than the other heath areas of Lueneburg Heath.


    But there is another special feature on Klein Buenstorf Heath: 59 burial mounds are located on the heath. During the Bronze Age (up to 1200 B.C.), it was customary to bury the dead in simple wood and stone enclosures beneath a mound of earth. The dead were buried together with jewellery, weapons and other valuables. 


    The collection of graves in Klein Buenstorf Heath counts among the largest of this kind of cemetery in Lueneburg Heath.



    How to get there:

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    • Klein Hesebecker Strasse, Bad Bevensen, follow the signs and drive to the end of the road or
    • An den Teichen, Bad Bevensen, follow the signs

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