Undeloh: Weseler Heath with pastor ponds


    Weseler Heath captivates in every season, with impressive views over the heathland between Wesel and Undeloh, and covers an area of approximately 350 ha.

    The special feature of Weseler Heath are the hills, from which you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view over the Heath.

    The well-known heathlands were created as a consequence of agricultural use in previous centuries. The areas which are today's nature conservation areas are typically the nutrient-poor sandy soils, where only a few plants thrive, such as birch and pine forests, and of course the main heathland plant –  common heather (Calluna vulgaris).

    Passing isolated juniper bushes, apiaries, and an old sheepfold, the trails lead through the characteristic hills and valleys of Weseler Heide. With a bit of luck, you can also meet a herd of hard-working Heidschnucken sheep, who have been used to manage for the heathland for several centuries.


    There are also some lakes in the Weseler Heide. Heath Pastor Wilhelm Bode, the founder of the Nature Reserve, is said to have often sat at the "Pastor Ponds" to prepare his sermons in God's open countryside. Hence the name Pastor Ponds.

    The "Witches House" in Wesel is worth seeing; it is a half-timbered bakery built in the 18th century, which is also used today as a registry office.


    In addition, the 6 km long Weseler Heath Education Trail offers interesting information on the origin, conservation, and special characteristics of the heathland. This circular route starts and ends at the starting board in the centre of Wesel. A second Heath Education Trail (7 km) begins and ends in Undeloh. In addition, there is the Heath Experience Centre , which offers many interesting facts about Lüneburg Heath and additionally offers a cafeteria and a shop.


    Also of interest: the new Heidschnucken Path, which is certified as a German ‘‘Quality Footpaath’’, with a total length of 220 km, also runs through parts of Weseler Heath.

    Hot spot for sunset

    Car park between Undeloh and Wesel, then go to the Heath. At the first small path turn left onto the hill. Panoramic view to the west


    Hot spot for sunrise

    Schierhorn car park (first car park after turning to Wesel), left side, enter the Heath on the way to the sheepfold, on the riding path turn right into the Heath to the hill where there are two benches. Panoramic view to the east.



    A large car park is located between Wesel and Undeloh on the K 27 Zur Dorfeiche. Coming from the A7 exit Egestorf, it is reached after the Undeloh exit towards Wesel. From the other direction (B3) on Handeloh, do not to miss the Wesel exit towards Undeloh. Be careful – you will miss it if you drive too fast.


    Coordinates for additional car parks in Weseler Heath:

    Wesel towards Schierhorn: N 53 degrees 14.874 '/ O 9 degrees 55.051'

    Wesel towards Schierhorn, county road K73: N 53 degrees 14.242 '/ O 9 degrees 55.091'

    K 27 Zur Dorfeiche
    21274 Undeloh

    Undeloh Tourist Information 0 41 89 - 3 33