Handeloh: Büsenbachtal with heathlands


    One of the most beautiful heathlands is Büsenbachtal near Handeloh. 

    From the car park you start in the flat valley along the Büsenbach and, after a few metres, the valley opens to a vast heathland of incredible beauty.

    The small Büsenbach flows through the valley, with wonderful heath-covered hills rising to the right and left. Dark green, gnarled junipers stand in fantastic contrast to the purple flowering heather. Silver-white birches rustle in the wind and you can hear the brook rippling.

    The Büsenbach is a nutrient-poor stream fed from a wetland spring. Experience the special phenomenon of a "ponor", where the course of the water sinks underground and then re-emerges further down below.

    From the "Pferdekopf" ("Horse's Head"), the highest hill, you have a great view of the valley. Benches here are perfect for a picnic and a large forest area surrounds the whole valley.

    Sandy paths lead through the landscape – a great area for walkers. And maybe you will also see the shepherd with his Schnucken herd (German grey heath sheep), which he often leads through the valley in the afternoon.

    By the way: The Büsenbachtal lies directly on the "Heidschnuckenweg "  hiking trail

    Getting there:

    Coordinates: N53.27356 E9.84488

    Address: Handeloh, OT Wörme, Strasse: Am Büsenbach

    Public transport: Heidebahn ERIXX (RB 38) Buchholz i.d. Nordheide - Soltau, Büsenbachtal train station 

    Transport connections are good due to the Heidebahn (Heath Railway).

    On the Büsenbach
    21256 Handeloh

    Information 04188 - 891011