Schmarbeck: the juniper forest on Devil's Heath (tour length 12.1 km)

    Route of the hiking loop

    The long tour of the hiking loop W1 measures 12.1 km and leads to the most interesting points of the short and medium tours, but also much further south. At the end of the  juniper heath  the trail crosses over into a forest and meadow landscape.

    You will then hike across other areas of heath. About halfway into the tour you will reach Niederohe with its typical, well-preserved buildings from the times of heath farming.   

    The return route leads through another heath area. It passes the Schmarbecker Trench and takes you into the forest where it joins the route of the medium tour to Schmarbeck and takes a north-easterly direction back to the place of departure.

    The long tour is indicated by a large heather-coloured circle in addition to the pictogram shown here.

    Route profile
    Across heath areas on partially narrow, sandy paths and on hard and soft forest tracks and paved paths through small villages.

    Starting point

    Hiking car park next to the juniper heath near Schmarbeck 

    Directions to the juniper forest car park

    You can reach the car park next to the juniper forest near Schmarbeck from Mueden (Oertze) on the L 280 travelling towards Unterluess. Take a left turn just outside of Hankenbostel towards Schmarbeck and the juniper forest (Wachholderwald).

    Coordinates:   52° 54.54417', E 010° 13.44851'