The Nature Park municipality of Egestorf, with the villages of Döhle, Sahrendorf, Schätzendorf, and Evendorf, lies right next to Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve and thus next to the largest contiguous heathland in Europe.


    Along the beautiful Pastor Bode hiking trail you can reach the famous destinations in the Nature Reserve such as the Heath village of Wilsede, Wilseder Berg, and Totengrund.


    The village is characterized by old half-timbered houses, thatched roofs of straw and reed, stone walls, and the beautiful St. Stephen's Church in the centre, surrounded by mature trees.

    Various hotels, inns, guest houses, and holiday apartments await the visitor in Egestorf. There are romantic restaurants serving regional Heidjer cuisine.

    With many events throughout the year, such as guest evenings, potato festivals, and excursions, there is varied entertainment.


    There is a dense network of walking and cycling trails as well as signposted Nordic walking tours.

    Walking trails from Egestorf: Pastor Bode Path, Heath Puzzle, Parcours of Magical Moments, Cultural Erratic Boulders, and the Egestorf Circular Trail.


    Cycling tours from Egestorf: Heath Adventure Tour.

    Various shopping facilities and the tourist information service will ensure a pleasant stay with us.


    Also discover the special destinations in the immediate vicinity:


    Egestorf Barefoot Park: In northern Germany's largest barefoot park, discover the charms of nature at over 60 sensory stations. Treat your stressed feet to a change as you walk over peat, stone, pine cones, corks, clay, through water and over blue broken glass. The site offer ideal conditions for a complete and successful trip, with wide meadows, deciduous forests, and winding discovery paths.  Your other senses are also stimulated with smelling and touching boxes in the herb garden.


    Aqua Adventure Aquadies: A fully biological bath with crystal clear water is right next to Egestorf Barefoot Park. Nestled in a uniquely beautiful landscape with old trees, you can treat yourself to the well-deserved refreshment on hot heath days.

    Tip: Combine this trip with the Barefoot Park.


    Lüneburg Heath Wildlife Park: Discover Lüneburg Heath Wildlife Park in Hanstedt, Nindorf only a few kilometres from Egestorf on the edge of the Nature Reserve, nestled in a beautiful, slightly hilly landscape. The biodiversity with over 1,000 animals will inspire you. The absolute highlight are the Siberian tigers!


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