UNEXPECTED - curious sights on Lüneburg Heath

You won't cease to be mesmerised

    Did you think you knew everything about Lüneburg Heath? All the heathland, all the romantic towns? Then pay attention! We have put together for you the curious sights of Lüneburg Heath.

    When the bison goes with the llama and ginseng

    The Bison is a very typical animal in Lüneburg Heath; at least in Essel, in the south. There is a whole bison herd in a pasture. You can see these mighty animals up close behind a secure fence. And of course, every visitor gets a Wild West feeling right away.

    Walking with llamas promotes deference and respect, says pedagogue Werner Schröder, who several times a month takes visitors on the walk with llamas. Or you can go across the countryside with alpacas from Lüneburg. Do they really spit?

    The Ginseng Gardens at Flora Farm in Walsrode is the only place in Europe where Korean ginseng has been grown for more than 30 years. This medicinal plant used to be reserved only for kings; now you can go on ginseng tours and buy ginseng locally.

    The bell tree and colourful potatoes. It is going to be hot.

    Iserhatsche - that's the mad one. So says the founder himself, the crazy visionary Uwe Schulz-Ebschbach, who has created a refuge of madness in Bispingen with his Iserhatsche. An artificial mountain, an ark, a bell-tree, its own volcano and a collection of hearses. Yes, Iserhatsche is bizarre, but really worth seeing.

    The heather potato is well-known, but now you will be amazed. In Lüneburg Heath, there are also colourful potatoes. Purple, rose, pink, blue. These are the old varieties that organic farmer Karsten Ellenberg has cultivated again. And let's be honest: a colourful potato salad looks much better.

    Another regional product is chilli, which is also grown in Lüneburg Heath. At the Chilli Factory in Soltau you can buy chilli products that are hand-processed.

    Stoppomats for tanks at the station?

    What on earth is a Stoppomat? Road cyclists may know. The Stoppomat is a timepiece that records the departure time and arrival time of a cycling race. In Suderburg, there is the first Stoppomat circuit in northern Germany.

    The most beautiful railway station in the world is in Uelzen. Friedensreich Hundertwasser has embellished it and made it the most special train station in the world. Today, the station is a magnet for visitors from all over the world.

    There is a special playground for big boys in Munster – the German Tank Museum. Crammed with tanks and armoured vehicles, it makes every former soldier's heart jump a bit.

    Upside down with a leaning tower and the water miracle with the donkey

    The craziest photos in Lüneburg Heath are taken at the Crazy House in Bispingen. That’s because everything here is upside down. The house, the equipment, the toilets. You can walk through the House and the illusion will make you feel upside down. The selfies are unique.

    It is not only Pisa that has a leaning tower – Lüneburg has one too. A leaning church tower. And all the visitors like to hear story of the builder, who jumped out of the window in shame, was saved, and then broke his neck while celebrating in the pub.

    In Undeloh, the heart of Lüneburg Heath, there is a small lake that has seen a wonder since 1965. Through its water level, the "Hungerpohl" prophesied whether dry or rainy times were pending. For rainy times, the pond dried up; in dry times it overflowed and its water ran through Undeloh. To this day, this natural phenomenon is inexplicable. Hanseatic merchants from Hamburg, Lüneburg, and Lübeck calculated their grain prices according to the water level.

    Thanks to a donkey, Lüne Abbey in Lüneburg is where it is today. And the donkey also saved all the Benedictine nuns from starvation. A great story about the donkey, which is remembered is a painting on glass on a window in the cloister.