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Das verrückte Haus und Umgebung

Twisted and crazy world - experience the handstand perspective live!

Let yourself be taken away from everyday life and immersed in a completely twisted and crazy world. Here in the upside down house is not just a whole house on the roof - the entire interior: chairs, tables, toilets, lamps, cupboards and much more hanging on the "ceiling", the actual floor. In addition, the house is about 6 degrees long and inclined transversely. That does not seem like much, but your sense of balance is guaranteed to be put to the test!

The perfect selfie location

You have the opportunity to see this fantastic and seemingly weightless experience on more than 120m² and two floors (10 rooms). Here you can do with a little imagination funny selfies and take pictures in funny poses and film. Then turn the photo or video by 180 degrees and you have absolutely confusing and funny souvenir photos.

A question of perspective

Become part of the crazy TV program in the living room. THE CRAZY HOUSE TV shows the image of a surveillance camera overhead. You walk in a normal living room on the ceiling! Our over-the-head mirror and other distorting mirrors make the confusion perfect. Even the garden shed in the outdoor area is turned 180 degrees and the way to the house is extra wrong paved.


    Since 2017 - the upside-down model railway

    Specially designed by the CRAZY HOUSE team and the first and only one of its kind in the world! Press the switch and the train goes over your heads - totally crazy!

    Also new: The huge, oversized chair on which you can sit back and which of course also serves as a super funny photo point.


    NEW 2018 - the interactive floor projection

    The kids love our new interactive floor projection! Various movement games are projected onto the floor and make the children jump and jump - absolute Fun Guarantee!

    A huge fun for young and old in every wind and weather!

    Immerse yourself in a spectacular, upside down world and put your sense of balance to the test! Experience the world from a completely different perspective!

    Horstfeldweg 1
    29646 Bispingen
    Information 0160 92192676

    opening hours
    march to october daily 10am - 6.30pm
    november to february daily 11am - 5pm
    Adults 6,00 €
    Children 4-14 years 4,00 €
    Infants 0-3 years free
    Groups from 20 person, each person 4,00 €
    Adults (Bispingen Card) 5,40 €
    Children 4-14 Years (Bispingen Card) 3,20 €
    Groups from 20 person, each person (Bispingen Card) 3,20 €
    Adults with disability 5,40 €
    Children with disability 3,20 €
    Families (2 Adults + 1 Child) 14,00 €