The resort town "Hoesseringen"  is the tourism capital of Suderburg Land. It is idyllically situated in an end moraine landscape defined by the last Ice Age and is home to 600 inhabitants. Seemingly endless woodlands lie on Hoesseringen’s borders and the Hardau, a small stream from the heath, winds its way through the green valley meadows. Idyll and nature play BIG roles here, but there are also many other excursion destinations in Suderburg Land that are definitely worth a visit.

    The holiday region "Suderburg Land" lies to the south-west of the Uelzen heath region on the outskirts of Suedheide heath. Here you’ll find attractive excursion destinations in beautiful scenery and romantic heath villages.


    The Museum Village Hoesseringen features 27 buildings set up as a typical scattered village. Chickens cackle, geese and ducks quack on the village pond and sheep graze on the heath. On activity days you can watch the smith at work in his forge, hear the sound of the reciprocating saw, see the steam engine from 1913 drive the thresher and watch the sewing and weaving work in the blue barn. There are also permanent exhibitions on the country life of the past 400 years.


    Lake  Hardausee has a surface area of some 80,000 m² and is ideal for swimming, paddle-boating, fishing and relaxing in the sunshine.


    You can become an aquatic expert on the Hardautal water experience trail. You will find illustrated information boards and fun stations for children along the 53 km trail that features different navigable circular routes.


    Schooten Forest History Trail  features many interesting facts about the forest depicted at 12 stations in the form of cartoons by Marunde. The 3.2 km long trail leads through wonderful old beech populations and a beautiful mixed forest.


    You can enjoy glorious views from a height of 32 metres from Hoesseringen observation tower. Four signposted circular trails for walkers and hikers start from the observation tower with varying lengths from 3.1 to 8.4 km.


    The Landtagsplatz near Hoesseringen commemorates Lueneburg’s estates that assembled in Schooten from 1532 to 1652.


    Ellerndorf juniper heath  has a surface area of 70 hectares and is the largest single heath area in the Uelzen region. The heath is maintained by one of the largest remaining herd of moorland sheep.


    A 5-star camp site on Lake Hardausee, comfortable holiday apartments, cosy private rooms and guest houses look forward to your visit. Let yourself be spoiled and enjoy regional and international specialities in one of the numerous restaurants.

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