Uelzen Holdenstedt: Museum & Castle Holdenstedt


    The Museum Castle Holdenstedt - Regional Museum Uelzen - collects and exhibits the following, partially as permanent displays and partially as rotating exhibitions:


    • Furniture from the Middle Ages to Art Nouveau
    • Artefacts of the minor arts
    • Works by regional artists and artisan craftsmen
    • Glass collection Röver
    • Works by the animal portrait artist Georg Wolf
    • Cultural history of the town and region of Uelzen



    History of Castle Holdenstedt

    A castle complex in Holdenstedt was first mentioned in records dating from the 13th century. It was demolished at the end of the 16th century and replaced by a new building that can be seen on a Merian engraving, the earliest known depiction of the castle.


    The events of the Thirty Years War caused such extensive damage that Christian Ludwig von der Wense erected the third castle on the same site during the years 1700-1709. The original baroque façade fell victim to yet another conversion in the year 1840. Today, the castle bears a more simplified façade.


    Some of the elaborate stucco work by the Florentine Carlo Francesco Tagliata can still be seen in the rooms of the castle.


    The town of Uelzen acquired the castle in 1983 and made it available for cultural events. The completion of restoration work in 1985 enabled the Regional Museum Uelzen to relocate from its previous cramped premises to the castle.


    Changing exhibitions are put on at the castle by a local museum and heritage association (Museums- und Heimatverein des Kreises Uelzen e. V.), Uelzen Art Association and the Cultural Management of Uelzen.


    Castle Holdenstedt also provides a ceremonious setting for various events such as award ceremonies, speeches and weddings.


    The "Holdenstedt Castle Weeks” renowned well beyond the region’s borders are especially worthy of mention.



    The Castle Park

    The current state of the castle park is not the result of a uniform concept, as early illustrations show. The surrounding park landscape in the English style was formed gradually over the course of around a hundred years.


    The moat created at the end of the 18th century has been filled in. Today, only the Hardau, a small heath stream, flows behind the castle. One of the castle’s former owners acquired the gate to the town of Veersen that is now the gate to the park. The pavilion at the back of the park once stood in a private garden in Veersser Strasse, Uelzen.


    The pavilion was removed from the plot in 1971 to make way for the new premises of Kreissparkasse Uelzen (now: Sparkasse Uelzen) and then installed in the park in 1988.

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