Suderburg: St. Remigius Church


    The church surrounded by old lime trees is located in Burgstrasse on the outskirts of Suderburg.

    Although the church is not a magnificent cathedral, many visitors are nonetheless surprised by its simple beauty and the solidity of its nearly 1,000-year-old tower. It is this tower that has played and still does play a role in the fate of Suderburg’s citizens. Originally built as a defence tower, it has afforded people safety and protection and bears witness to past times of castles and fortresses.

    The recurring question as to the age of the church and the parish of Suderburg can only be answered conditionally, as building materials from the church’s origins no longer exist and because there are no records from the time of its construction.

    The first church of Suderburg was certainly a wooden building that was then replaced by the church built of undressed stone. However, the church had become so decrepit by the middle of the 18th century that it had to be replaced by the cross-shaped, timber frame hall that stands to this day.

    The church was dedicated on the name day of St. Remigius, namely Monday, 1st October 1753, "with much solemnity".

    According to patron name research, naming the church after its patron saint, Remigius (born circa 440, died 533), provides an indication of the possible age of the church.